WD USB 3.0 & Type-C Hard Disk Drive To SATA Converter Card / PCB (Printed Circuit Board) With SSD Repair Addon For Data Recovery Services, Supports: MRT / PC3000 / DFL-SRP

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When the original USB PCB board and jump wire are used, it is necessary to make the USB bridge chip not work. It is often used to remove the crystal oscillator of the bridge chip. Simultaneously, it is necessary to isolate the main control output signal from the bridge chip. That is to remove the four isolation capacitors of the main control output SATA signal, which is also the hard disk board’s jump wire point!

How to use it?

Power indicator C is a 5V power supply, through LED and resistor in series, resistance from 1K to 10K arbitrary, cancel indicator also doesn’t matter.

The definition of a SATA signal is as follows:

  1. GND ground (generally connected to the negative electrode);
  2. a transmit (data transmission positive signal interface) a +;

3. a-transmit (data transmission negative signal interface a -;

4. GND ground (generally connected to the negative electrode);

5. b-receive B -;

6. B receive B +;

7. GND ground (generally connected to the negative electrode);

Because we are used to using the WD board, we have the most contact, so the mark becomes the jump wire point mark of WD. Vg5321 represents power supply / ground / B + / B – / a – / A +. It connects the four signal wires of the SATA board with the corresponding four fly wire points of the original USB board through the wires and changes them into the SATA board’s standard interface. The power supply can jump wire, and the welding free power supply can be used when the original USB board’s power supply is normal.

Note: the above two points are the same as the below two points.

Here, the AB pad can be welded with isolation capacitance or 0-ohm resistance. If it is welded, jump wire can be welded at B. if it is not welded, please weld at a. (note that the jump wire should be as short as possible, there is distributed capacitance in the wire length, and the isolation capacitance can be removed from the original hard disk you want to jump wire). If 0-ohm resistance or direct tin connection is used in E’s frame, the four can be used for the jump probe。 The actual test of domestic jump probe is much worse, and the time of swinging the needle is enough to weld a few

2 USB device image function (adapter PC USB power)

Plugin the USB square port data cable to connect with the computer, and then plug in the USB medium that needs to be mirrored. Connect the power supply and turn on the device, which is ready to build the de. When building the de, the source device must select the USB medium to the plugin. After building the de, let the de control the power supply in the power option. Pc-3000 data extractor can prevent the black image by turning on and off the power. (PC 3000 version must be above 6.5.20 to have this function).


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