Seagate ST 3.5″ Ramp Set P3 x 1 Pair Hard Drive Head Replacement Tool Set For Repair & Data Recovery

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ST3.5” Ramp p3a

New series of 3.5” Seagate hard drives with 3 platters, which park their heads on a ramp, can have two types of mechanics. ST3.5” Ramp p3a head replacement tool can be used on first type of these drives which include models Barracuda, SV35, Constellation ES, ES.2, CS and others with 3 platters and their heads parked on a ramp. These hard drives usually have only one small hole near the center of the head arm through which the tool is mounted.

ST3.5” Ramp p3b

ST3.5” Ramp p3b head replacement tool can be used on the second type of 3 platter drives which includes models Barracuda Green and Constellation ES with their heads parked on a ramp. The supported drives have one larger hole on the head arm near the “tip” where the heads are and the tool is mounted through this hole. These two types of mechanics on can be easily recognized.


Supported models hdd: Grenada, Bogart, Bacall, Pharaoh


Compatible Model

Grenada, Bogart, Bacall, Pharaoh


Stainless Steel & Aluminium Alloy

Supported Size

3.5" Hard Drive Only


Tested & Working Condition

Sales Package

Seagate 3.5 p3 x 1 Pair Head Replacement Tool


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