CCTV / DVR Surveillance Camera Video Footage Hard Disk Drive Professional Data Recovery Tool ( 1 Year Free Support )


This is a software solution for the recovery of video and metadata from DVR surveillance systems in a forensically sound manner. This “game changing” software can help save your team time and money when recovering video evidence by  recovering data directly from the DVR, bypassing passwords to recover video, including deleted video, from a suspect DVR Hard Drive.


Access the DVR Hard Drive

By accessing the surveillance DVR hard drive directly, This tool is able to bypass any system passwords and recover data from non-functioning systems.

Detect and Identify the DVR Filesystem

This tool is able to identify the proprietary DVR filesystem used by the surveillance system, which means you do not need to know the make or model of the DVR.

Scan and Identify Video

This tool scans the hard drive to identify recoverable clips. Users can easily sort or filter the clip list to identify the video you need.

Preview and Locate the Incident

Easily watch the DVR video within the software, eliminating any need for external DVR Players. Our integration with iNPUT-ACE allows users to easily enhance and analyze the video.

Export and Recover Video

This tool offers a forensically safe option for surveillance DVR data recovery. Queue exports of native or open video and save time with the included export report.


Motion Analytics

When faced with hundreds or thousands of video clips, it can be difficult to determine which video to review first. This tool’s new Motion Analytics Engine [beta] enables you to easily identify which clips to review first based on motion activity.

Receive a list of motion events and easily jump to the video that matters.

Filter and sort video using the identified level of motion in each clip to highlight which video clips have the most action.

Use proprietary motion score to identify which clips have more motion activity relative to other clips.

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