Advanced Level Mobile Forensics & Data Recovery Training For Law Enforcement Agencies Globally


Advanced Level Mobile Forensics & Data Recovery Training


HDD Donor offers a full range of digital forensics training courses and different ways to learn. A key element to successfully recover and analyze large volumes of data in digital forensics investigations is to understand how to access, process and contextualize the data, find the evidence it contains and then produce a comprehensive report.

Our Certification is the quintessential course when it comes to data extraction in mobile device forensics. Whether a novice in the field or a seasoned professional, students walk away with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle mobile device forensics using various Mobile Forensics Tools.

This course introduces you to industry standards and best practices when it comes to the identification, collection, and preservation of digital evidence. You will be guided through all facets of Mobile Data Dumping to Extraction. You will leave confident in your ability to effectively collect data from various mobile devices as well as cloud data and data acquired from other sources.

We ensure your agency is equipped with the latest technology to enable you to quickly and securely collect critical mobile data from the widest range of mobile devices.

HDD Donor offers a wide array of in-depth courses taught by leading digital intelligence experts to help team members improve their skills whether they are new to the field or seasoned technical personnel.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction with various Mobile Forensics Tools
  • Smartphone Devices Introduction & Digital Evidence
  • Platform differentiation – Android, iOS, Windows, etc..
  • Common Challenges
  • Connectivity (Most Important)
  • Internal & External Storage
  • Chipset Discovery
  • Software Brick / Boot Loop
  • Hardware Analysis
  • Logical & Physical Extraction
  • Application Analysis
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • Importing, Exporting & Reporting
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Analyze Open-Source Data
  • Advanced Decoding
  • Customized Reports
Don’t let complicated locks, encryption barriers, deleted and unknown content prevent critical evidence from coming to light.
  • Access To Broadest Range Of Mobile Devices
    Access critical digital evidence lawfully from feature and smartphones, drones, SIM cards, SD cards, GPS devices, and more.
  • Forensically Sound Collection
    Maintain data integrity throughout lawful collection of digital evidence.
  • Deep Dive Collection Methods
    Get the most accurate data out of mobile devices with multiple unique data collection methods, including full file system (FFS) and physical extractions.

About Training:

  • Flexible Learning Options Multiple formats to match your learning style, schedule and budget.

  • Capstone Certifications – Knowledge and specialized training in respective areas in the digital forensics field.

  • Strategic Advisory Services – Consulting and mentoring services to help optimize your agency’s skills.

  • Industry Trusted – Worldwide recognition for digital forensics training excellence.

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Instructor-Led: Meet with your instructor and peers in-person in a traditional, interactive, classroom setting.
  • Live Online: Interact with your instructor and peers in a real-time virtual classroom setting delivered right to your computer.

  • On-Demand: Learn at your own pace and convenience with affordable anytime, anywhere access to training from your computer.

Training Certifications:
  • CME: Certified Mobile Examiner
  • CMO: Certified Mobile Operator
  • CASA: Certified Advanced Smartphone Analyst

Total Course Duration:

  1. 30 Days (1 Hour Daily, Mon-Sat)
  2. 1 Year Premium Support
  3. After Payment Confirmation, Our team will contact you for further discussion & Timings.
  4. We are training Multiple Shifts (24/7) in a day for Domestic & International Clients for there convenience.
  5. We have a team of Advanced Data Recovery & Forensics Professionals for training & guidance.

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